Shining hair

Shining hair

How to Get Shining, Glossy Hair – Tips for Shiny Hair

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Hair beauty is a matter of sheen, bounce, and vitality. The way it is styled is the surest way to draw attention. Fortunately, hair, it’s coloring, and style is the one feature in a women’s toilet which can be changed at will. A good style is determined by cut and condition. The cut allows it to be coaxed into shape for day and nightwear. 

Hair is the body’s barometer, indicating good health or lack of it. Since hair like other tissues is largely made of proteins, this element forms an important part of the diet to promote healthy hair growth. A very famous hairdresser recommends at least half a pint of milk in tea or coffee and a yeast tablet after each meal. Vitamins A and B tresses beautifully.

Especially: Breakfast: Orange juice, egg, a slice of wholemeal bread or chapati, butter, tea, or coffee. Lunch: Mixed salad of grated carrot, cauliflower springs, cucumber, and lettuce with lemon juice dressing, a portion of shellfish or any oily fish like mackerel, and fresh fruit. Dinner: lean meats, preferably liver or kidney. For vegetarians dal, chapati, butter, or fresh fruit. For dessert, a gelatine-based pudding – it’s excellent for hair as well as for nails. You’ll agree that’s good, hearty eating. 

Few people realize that the scalp is a continuation of facial skin and has to be kept clean. It is necessary to get rid of dust, dry scales which are really dead skin, and grease. This enables the sebum, the natural hair lubricant, and protector, to flow evenly. How often to wash the hair depends on its condition and the environment. Trichologists, as hair experts are called, advise a once-a-week cleaning for normal hair and thrice-weekly if it is greasy or lanky. A daily shampoo is not bad if conditions warrant it.

Washing hair

A Leisurely Affair

Shampooing should never be a hurried affair. Make it a leisurely treatment and it will pay off in the bounce and shine of hair. Here is a step-by-step method to wash hair:

  1. Assemble equipment: shampoo, conditioner, brush, comb, towels.
  2. Brush the hair gently so that dandruff scales and dead hair are removed. 
  3. Massage the scalp with gentle kneading movements, using fingerpads to do so.
  4. Wet the hair with warm water. Take a little shampoo in the palm of the hand, make it into a lather and work it into the hair, starting at the nape of the neck, working upwards, massaging well into the roots. 
  5. Rinse hair with warm water. Apply a second portion of shampoo, if necessary. Rinse hair two or three times till it is squeaky clean. 
  6. Towel dry hair gently. Apply conditioner. Rinse off. A final cool rinse will close pores.
  7. Blot dry. Do not rub. Comb gently and shape for the setting. 

Remember that combing or brushing hair vigorously when wet weaken hair. 

Like skin types, normal greasy or dry hair needs special treatment

Normal Hair

Natural hair that doesn’t go greasy, is well behaved. 
Use a mild shampoo. Conditioner if hair needs to hold a style. Towel dry, comb through, set, or blow-dry. Use mild rinse if needed. Hold dryer 6 inches away from hair. Wash once or twice a week.

Dry Hair

Lack-lustre, flaky.
 Wash once a week, using creamy shampoo for dry hair. Use creamy conditioner. Rinse well. Massage daily. Put pads of fingertips on to the scalp, press gently. Make circular movements. Avoid strong hair spray. 
Dry Hair

Greasy Hair

Oily, dirt-prone
Wash twice or thrice weekly, using lemon or anti-grease shampoo. Use astringent rinse, or add vinegar to last rinsing water. Towel dry or blow-dry. Greasy hair produces lots of sebum. Needs a conditioner once a month.
Tinted or permed hair is giving the treatment that befits its condition. A weekly oil massage is imperative. To make it more effective soak a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water, and wrap the hot towel around your head to allow the oil to soak in. Repeat when the towel becomes cold. 

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