sun burn

sun burn

4 natural ways to Treat Sunburn

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Sunburn treatment and home remedies

In many ways, sunburn should be considered burns. The first thing to do is to avoid further endangerment from the sun until the symptoms go away. Excessive sun exposure can cause bad blisters, dehydration and sunburn, and occasionally people become allergic to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Follow these simple sunburn home remedies. 


Use this sunscreen solution for mild, diffuse sunbathing in a chamomile oil bath, or add 5 drops to a small bowl of water to soften the skin. For children, 5 ml of essential oil for the bath should be pre-diluted with sweet almonds or similar oil. If the sunburn is more intense, use lavender oil in a similar way, applying it evenly to any cracked skin area.
As an after-care for dry, oily skin, dilute 2% of essential oils such as Chamomile, Lavender, rose or Sandalwood with Sweet Almond and massage gently twice a day. Excessively dry skin can benefit from using 10 percent wheat germ oil as a base oil for extra nutrition.

The Risk of Skin Cancer


An increasingly frequent sequel to excessive exposure to the sun is skin cancer and reduction in the Earth’s ozone layer makes this likely to become dramatically more common in future years, even in countries some distance away from the Equator.

In any case, the sun has an aging effect on the skin, so enjoy it but use good suntan creams and after-sun moisturizing creams, and keep out of the midday sun if possible. Remember: sunbeds do not protect against sunburn so you still need to take it carefully when out in hot sunshine and use the appropriate sun protection factor (SPF) lotion.

What You Need to Know About Early Detection




Firstly cool the skin as for Sunburns remedies, or by applying a chilled infusion of either Chamomile, Elderflower, or Lavender flowers. Marigold cream may be used afterward, or else apply the blood-red oil of St Jhon’s Wort, which will take away much of the burning pain very quickly – it has been used to good effect or radiation burns. Pure Aloe vera juice is another highly soothing, cooling, and healing herb. 
Aloe vera
Aloe Vera

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Apply Cantharis, for when there is an intense burning sensation, before or after blisters have formed, and Urtica urens, for sunburn with an intense and persistent stinging sensation. For milder burns, then apply Hypericum and or Calendula cream.


After cooling the affected areas, apply vitamin E cream, as well as taking Vitamin E internally (up to 500 in daily) to improve healing and stop scarring. Widespread sunburn may heal more quickly if additional Vitamin C is taken (up to 1,000 mg daily for a few days). Sunburn is likely to mean dehydration, so take plenty of fluids (spring water and fruit juices, but not alcohol) in the short term. 

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