Eye care

Eye care

Taking care of your eyes

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The fine, delicate skin around your eyes is the first to show the sign of aging. However, don’t be tempted to deal with the problem by slapping on heavy oils and moisturizers because they are usually too heavy for the skin in the eye area. They can also block tear ducts, causing puffiness. The delicate skin around your eyes needs particularly special care because it is significantly thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, and this means that it is less able to hold in moisture. There are also fewer oil glands in this area, making it particularly susceptible to dryness, and also meaning that there is no fatty layer underneath to act as a shock absorber. Consequently, this area of skin quickly loses its suppleness and elasticity.

Choosing an eye treatment

There is a huge range of products to choose from, and it is important to find the right one for you. Gel-based ones are suitable for young or oily skins and are refreshing to use. However, most women find light eye creams and balms more effective. 
Eye cream
  • The skin around the eyes is soft and delicate so it is important to apply moisturizer to this area very gently.

Use a tiny amount of eye treatment, as it’s better to apply it regularly in small quantities than apply lots occasionally. Apply with your middle finger, as this is the weakest one and won’t stretch the delicate skin. This will help keep your skin more supple and prevent premature wrinkling in this area. 

Preventing puffy eyes

Puffy eyes
Puffy eyes

This is one of the most common beauty problems. These ideas can help

  • Gently tap your skin with your ring finger when you’re applying eye cream to encourage the excess fluid to drain away.
  • Store creams in the refrigerator, as the coldness will also help reduce puffiness.
  • Place thin strips of potato underneath your eyes to reduce swelling. The starch in the potato seems to tighten the skin.
  • Fill a small bowl with iced water or ice-cold milk. Soak two cotton wool pads and lie down with the pads over your eyes. Replace the pads as soon as they become warm. Continue for 15 minutes. This treatment reduces puffiness and brightens the white of your eyes

Cooling Cucumber

This is a super-quick and simple treatment. Place a slice of cucumber over each eye, then just lie back and relax for 15 minutes. Cucumber will gently tone and soothe the skin around the eyes. 
Cucumber treatment
Cucumber treatment

Herbal eye-pads

A compress over your eyes will refresh them, reduce puffiness and relieve itchiness.

Fennel decoction

Make a decoction by boiling 10ml 2 tsp fennel seeds in 300ml 1.5 pint 1 1/4 cups purified water for 30 minutes. Strain and cool, then use to soak cotton wool pads.

Teabag treatments

Use a teabag to make tea then apply to the eyes when cool. Chamomile is good for tired eyes. The tannin in Indian Tea is an astringent and will firm the skin.


Soak cotton wool pads in an infusion of rose petals and purified water.
Whichever eye treatment you decide to use, it is vital that you take time to lie down and relax for at least 10 minutes. 

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