The Importance of Aerobic Exercises

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Aerobic exercise can change your lifestyle and life

The term aerobic is being bandied about as the fashionable way to keep fit. In fact, it forms a very important part of our workout chart. But what is it? The name aerobics, was in fact invented by an American fitness expert and that other popular craze, jogging, is a product of the whole  trend. Aerobics, as the name suggests, is an exercise that needs a lot of air. We need oxygen all the time just to breathe but aerobics pushes that requirement up by making the body ask more.

Aerobics is a form of exercise that works the lungs and heart to capacity, but it is steady exercise over an extended period of time. While the 100 meters sprinter gets his spurt of speed from burning his store of body energy, the runner who covers two miles at a sustained speed is oxygenating his body. The pulse rate and breathing will become quicker because you are using oxygen to fuel the heart and work the muscles. Any activity which gets the heart and lungs working harder can be called cardiovascular. No fitness program is complete without cardiovascular endurance exercise characterized by repeatedly and vigorously moving the major muscles of the body for an extended period of time. Fit heart and liver increase the body’s ability to take in, pump and utilise its oxygenated blood. The pay off is more energy and less stress. Sound deep sleep and feeling that you are on top of the world. Choose an aerobic activity such as swimming jogging or workout regularly building up as your heart and lungs becomes stronger.


A sluggish circulation is reflected in a dull complexion. It can effect muscle cramps which is a sign of poor circulation. For good health and beauty, efficient circulation is essential which can be achieved through aerobic activity. 

Aerobic exercise overcomes depression and lethargy. The human body is designed to move not just shift in a chair several times. The more you put your body through exercise, the stronger healthier and more coordinated it gets. You benefit mentally and psychologically. There are many reasons why people incorporate exercise into their lives, some want to lose weight or improve their body shape. Others want to increase their energy level or simply stay fit and healthy. 


A fit body is one that exercises regularly and is fueled by a balanced diet containing plenty of fiber, fresh vegetables and fruit. To get fit you have to break away from the crowd, and not eat junk food. 

The heart keeps fit on diet rich in minerals and low in fats, salt, and sugar. It loves exercise. Extra weight makes it overwork and nicotine raise it’s beat and adds to the risk of blood clotting. 

Clinical evidence suggests that an aerobic program can build your positive points mentally and physically. It gives you energy, relieves tension and anxiety. It strengthens the body’s stress-coping mechanism. Improves concentration, will power, and memory. It improves sleep and a general feeling of well being prevails. It tones up mental capabilities. 

Helps for positive thinking

The energizing effect is the result of improved body efficiency. Like a well-tuned engine uses less oil and gasoline a well-tuned body uses less energy to perform daily functions. Toned muscles make every moment relatively effortless and a conditioned heart that pumps more blood with each stroke doesn’t have to work as hard circulating the same quantity of blood with fewer strokes. The lower resting heart rate is a key benefit to aerobic exercise and the effect is noticeable with two to three months of regular workouts. The resting heart rate drops to sixty from seventy two, offering a form of stress resistance. The better cardiovascular system controls the adrenal gland secretion in response to emotion, anxiety, or fear. A fit person will also have a riving heart under stress but not to the extent heart rate under stress means you tend to stay calmer and more in control of your emotions.

Every time you work out hard you are helping to release pent up tensions, immediately afterward you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and energized. While exercise is reducing anxiety to low levels it’s raising confidence to an all-time high. One of the things that can be most easily documented is an improvement in self-image which transforms into an outgoing self-confident personality. Aerobic exercise builds strong character traits. It develops a sense of success and mastery of what they perceive as a difficult skill. One learns the necessity of patience and making regular effort till aerobics becomes a habit. It’s a positive activity and an excellent habit to develop compared to drinking, overeating, and smoking.

Initially, a person might feel that I can’t do anything or I cannot go on but sooner than you imagine you achieve goals which give you an increased sense of personal strength. 


The decision to exercise should be related to an overall revaluation in lifestyle behaviors and changes in values. Growing evidence shows that people who are aerobically fit may also have an edge intellectually. Twenty percent of blood flow from the heart goes to the brain. During aerobics, the blood flow increased and that changes the biochemistry of the brain. There is an increase in oxygen, good oxygen levels in the brain can boost your brainpower. Tests have been conducted both before and after the completion of aerobic regimen in various institutes with astounding of higher scores of mental sharpness, intellectual efficiency, and preception. At the same time, the groups ate a wholesome high diet containing vegetables, fruit, minimal cholesterol, on fats.  

Aerobics seems a sensible treatment for many depressed people. It is proven by famous doctors who do aerobics themselves that an irritable low feeling turns into a great one after a session. Doctors feel that lack of physical activity causes depression and an aerobic work outputs something back into a life that should have been there. While it is true that the effect of endorphin can help you forget your score muscle can also camouflage serious pain. Exercising thorough mild aches and stiffness is allowed. But if the pain returns with greater vengeance take it easy for a few days. Gear down from aerobics the same way you gear up for it. Exercise draws blood out to the muscle in your arms and legs away from your heart and brain, stopping suddenly can cause fainting spells. Blood pressure which normally rises during exercise drops to normally rises during too fast and can trigger irregular heartbeats. Proper cooling is needed to soft-pedal the drop in blood pressure

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