Eating for beautiful skin

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While lotions and potions will improve your skin from the surface, a healthy diet works from the inside out. A healthy diet is not solely a delicious thanks to eating – it will work wonders for your skin.

You are what you eat

A diet for a healthy body is the same as for a healthy, clear complexion. That is, one that contains lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is high in fiber, low in fat, and low in added sugar and salt. 
Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

This should provide your body and skin with all the vitamins and minerals they need to function at their very best.

Healthy skin checklist

These are the essentials your body needs to keep your skin in the tip-top condition.

  • The most essential element is water. Although there’s water in the foods you eat, you should drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your body healthy and your skin clear.
  • Cellulose carbohydrates, better known as fiber foods, have another less direct effect on the skin. Their action in keeping you regular can help to give you a brighter, clear complexion. 
  • Vitamin C is needed for collagen production, to help keep your skin firm. It’s found in foods such as strawberries, citrus fruits, cabbage, tomatoes and watercress.
Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that neutralizes free radicals – highly reactive molecules that can cause aging. It occurs in foods such as almonds, hazelnuts, and wheat germ. 
  • Zinc works with Vitamin A in the making of collagen and elastin, the fibers that give your skin its strength, elasticity, and firmness. It occurs in shellfish, whole grains, milk, cheese, and yogurt. 
Whole grains
Whole grains

Diet Questions and Answers 

A healthy diet and a beautiful complexion go hand in hand. Check your know facts.

Yo-Yo dieting

Q “Is it true that if you are constantly losing and then gaining weight it can have a bad effect on your skin?”

A Yes, Eating too much and becoming overweight thickness the layer of fat under your skin and consequently stretches it. Crash dieting can then result in your skin collapsing, leading to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. What’s more, a crash diet will deprive your skin and body of the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy and look good. If you need to lose weight, do it slowly, sensibly and steadily, to give your skin time to acclimatize. Consult your doctor before starting any weight-loss program. 

Daily diet

Q “What would be a good typical day’s diet for a clearer complexion?”

A One that follows the rules already outlined. For example, here’s a typical day could follow:

Breakfast: Glass of unsweetened fruit juice; a bowl of unsweetened muesli (granola). with a chopped banana and semi-skimmed ( low-fat) milk; two slices of wholewheat toast with scraping low-fat spread. 


Lunch: Baked potato filled with low-fat cottage cheese and plenty of fresh, raw salad; one low-fat yogurt, any flavor. 

Evening meal: Grilled fish or chicken with boiled brown rice and plenty of steamed vegetables. Fresh fruit salad, topped with natural yogurt and nuts. 

Grilled fish
Grilled fish

On the spot

Q “I love eating chocolate but have heard that it cause pimples. Is it true?”

A There isn’t any scientific evidence that links eating chocolate to having breakouts of spots, but as a healthy low-fat, high-fiber diet is known to be good for the skin, keep snacks such as chocolate to a minimum and eat them only as an occasional treat. If you find yourself craving sweet snacks, try eating a low-fat yogurt or a delicious bowl of strawberries. 
yogurt and strawberries

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