How to Fight Depression Natural Way

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Many people turn to herbal or prescription antidepressants at the first sign of feeling low. But feelings are important messages from your body and mind. It is far better to pay heed to the message and to take appropriate steps to restore balance to your life before resorting to drugs, herbal or otherwise.

We can say my mind had become a machine that could only produce negative thoughts and emotions. If you are in depression, you would usually have these symptoms:

1.       Lack of hunger.

2.       Not feeling like doing anything. You lose interest in the activities that you used to enjoy.

3.       Indifferent to everything happening around you. Yes, if something negative happens, it only makes you more depressed. It seems like an endless abyss.

4.       You want to be alone. You don’t want to engage in any conversation. The paradox is, more you sit alone, worst your depression becomes.

5.       Recurring feelings of being trapped and hopelessness.

6.       Every thought that comes to your mind is negative. There is no room for positive thought. You constantly feel bad.

7.       You have started to believe that nobody can ever take you out of your depression.



Considering the last point 7, that’s true. It is your mind. Only you have power over it, nobody else. And depression is nothing but a state of mind. There is nothing wrong outside. Understand this.

Try these simple steps 

Nurture yourself with aromatherapy


Self-nurturing is always called for when you’re feeling low and in need of a lift. An aromatherapy bath with lavender and bergamot relaxes your body and mind and has mood elevating properties. Run yourself a warm bath, and add ten drops of lavender essential oil and five drops of bergamot essential oil. Soak for a good 20 minutes.

Walk to lift depression


A brisk 45-minute walk stimulates your body to produce endorphins, natural mood-elevating chemicals/ Try it the next time you feel down. and practice preventive mental healthcare by taking a walk every day.

Keep a journal


Keeping a journal can help you gain an insight into your emotions. Sit down and write for 20 minutes each day; don’t think about the grammar,  punctuation, or whether what you are saying is interesting. Just write whatever comes to mind and don’t censor yourself. You’ll find that putting your thoughts on paper will help you sort through painful emotions, clarify decisions, and keep your life on track. 

And we strongly recommend these steps

1.       Do something that engages your mind. Absolutely important. You know why? It keeps your mind off of your depressing thoughts. And gradually, your mind will come out of autopilot. More you bring your mind out of autopilot, lesser it tends to fall back to old ways of thinking.

2.       Resolve right now that you will get up every morning and do some physical workout. Doing some physical workout will release feel good endorphins in your brain.

3.       Do Anuloma Viloma pranayama at any cost. Learn the right technique. This pranayama has very calming effect on your mind. This pranayama will give maximum benefits when you concentrate your mind while doing it. Don’t listen to music while doing this. Another pranayama that I would like to mention is Kapalbhati. It is a powerful pranayama which shows effects from the day 1 itself. Kumbhaka is another powerful breath retention technique that calms mind to a great extent.

4.       Do yourself a favor by learning mindfulness. Do it daily.

5.       Try to be with people. Don’t sit secluded. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you stay alone, talk to someone. It would be even better if you could talk to someone who would understand what you are going through.

6.       Instead of taking allopathic antidepressants, use ayurvedic medicines like Ashwagandha. We have found it very effective. Antidepressants do have negative impact on your body. Vitamin C has been found to lower the cortisol levels as well. Cortisol is a major stress hormone produced by adrenal glands.

7.       Take proper sleep. Sleep deprivation actually makes depression worst. One important tip. Never use your bed to lie down and think. The reason is your mind associates bed with thinking. You must only go to bed when you are really sleepy. If you meditate and do pranayama, it will be easy for you to fall asleep. If possible, start consuming egg yolks. Consuming 3–4 egg yolks daily is perfectly safe for a healthy person. Egg yolks contain vitamin B6 which help the biosynthesis of melatonin (for deeper sleep).

8.       Take enough sunlight. Sunlight has the power to dispel negativity. Also, your body synthesises vitamin D using sunlight. Vitamin D is important for the production of hormones that keep you mentally healthy.

9.       You must adopt the attitude of gratitude if you are going through depression. It shifts your energy towards positivity


10.   Mind and breath are connected. If your mind is very agitated, your breath rate will be fast. Now, if you consciously observe your breath you will calm down your mind because this very act slows your breath rate down. It works both ways.

If you survive depression, then it is going to make you stronger. You will find there are lot of things which do not affect you anymore.

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