5 Steps To Start Your Body Transformation

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Now that you’ve mapped out your goals. by analyzing and evaluating your food and lifestyle habits and deciding what you want to change. We want to teach you how to harness the energy and make your goals happen. You are going to visualize success and reach your potential.

01. Start with a thought

What do you want? For instance, you may set an objective that you want to be slimmer, or have more energy or a radiant complexion.

Example :


I want to be slimmer


02. Write down your thoughts

Once you commit your thought to paper with a pen, you elevate the thought to a new level of energy.


Example :

I am slim

03. Assess the action needed to achieve your goal

Think about what it will take to become slim, healthy or energized. Break it down into steps. For example, if your goal is to be slim, then your first action step is to keep a diary of everything you eat and drink for a week. Your second action step might be to throw away all the rubbish foods that we tell you are too nasty for your body. And so on.


Example :

Step 1: Create a food diary

Step 2: Throw out all the rubbishy food

This is only an example to illustrate the possibilities. We want you to plan this out with your individual goals and steps to match. Be creative and do anything here that meets your own aspirations. 


04. Draw goal in a picture 

With a black pen, We want you to draw a plain, white paper whatever it is that you want to achieve or how you want to see yourself. So using the slim example, draw a simple figure of yourself looking slim and happy. You do not need to be Rembrandt. All you need to do is draw with stick figures. Put a caption underneath your drawing.

Example :

(Your name) Is slim. I am slim

Diet plan

05. Draw your action steps

With a black pen on white paper. Draw pictures of you going through your action steps to reach your end goal.

  • A picture of a food diary and flow through until you get your result and you are now slim
  • Complete the pictures of and flow through until you get to your result and you are now slim.
  • Our thoughts have powerful energy. When we write down these thoughts and even transfer them into pictures, we dramatically intensity them. You are now harnessing the thoughts into action.
  • You can make anything happen. You become the creator of your destiny.
  • Review your drawings every day and redraw them once a month.
  • You may find that, on reflection, you wish to elaborate on some steps or shorten some steps. After all, you know that you are the creator of your destiny.


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